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Australian Securities & Investments Commission Fee Waiver Application
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Fee Waiver Application
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Fee Waiver Application

This form must be completed in one session. It cannot be saved.

Step 1 - Make sure that the fee is one we can waive.


Make sure that your request falls within circumstances under which an ASIC delegate may waive a late fee .

If you do not wish to proceed with your request click 'CANCEL'.

Is the fee you wish to waive an ASIC late fee ? Yes No
Are you requesting a review of a previous fee waiver decision made by ASIC?Yes No
If selecting yes, information or evidence should be provided to support any additional circumstances that may have existed, but were not provided in the original request.

Complete the checklist below to help you to confirm whether you meet the legal requirements under which we may waive a late fee.

Can you provide evidence that the delay in lodgement was fully or partly the fault of ASIC?Yes No
Have the company's books been seized by the police, ASIC or other government body?Yes No
Was the late lodgement a result of a court not issuing a signed copy of an order in time?Yes No
Were records damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, storm or other disaster allowing insufficient time for their reconstruction and you can provide evidence?Yes No
Did exceptional circumstances delay lodgement (e.g. illness/accident prevented all responsible persons from lodging within the specified period) and you can provide evidence?Yes No
Was the delay in lodgement caused by an industrial dispute (e.g. postal strike)?Yes No
Can you provide evidence of a genuine attempt to notify or make payment within the prescribed period?Yes No
Can you provide evidence that the late fee was caused by circumstances beyond the control of the company and its officers (this does not include problems with third parties such as registered agents)?Yes No

Please note that answering 'yes' to one or more of the above question does not guarantee that your request will be granted.

Step 2 - If applying for a late payment fee to be waived, please ensure that only the annual review fee is paid.

Step 3 - Provide fee waiver request details.

We assess each application individually. We consider all of the facts and circumstances of individual cases when assessing an application. It is very important to include all relevant facts and supporting evidence when you make an application.

Details of entity that has incurred the late fee.

*Entity type

Enter digit number only with no spaces (eg 999999999).
*Entity number (e.g. ACN)
Find Company Number

Find Professional Licence Number

*Amount requested to be waived for this Entity
Insert date the fee was charged (if known)
*State the reason you believe this late fee should be waived

Please provide details of the entity requesting this fee waiver.

Applicant details
*Given names
*Family name
Care Of
Office Floor Building
Suburb or Locality State Postcode
*Best time to call
*Preferred telephone number
*Email address
*Confirm email address
*Do you have supporting evidence to attach to this application?         Yes No


If you require further instructions, please refer to the technical FAQ.

Note: The maximum size of each attachment to this page is 10.0 MB.

Description of Document Pathname

Confirm Application Details

The next step is to submit your application with ASIC. As the applicant you are required to certify that the information in this application is true and correct.
I certify that the information submitted in this application is true and correct.

Step 4 - Submit your application.
You have now prepared and reviewed your application.

If you are satisfied with the information contained, submit your application by clicking the 'SUBMIT' button below.

Once the document has been successfully submitted with ASIC a transaction receipt will display on the screen. We'll respond to you in writing to your company's contact address and let you know if your waiver request has been approved or rejected. It can take up to 28 days to process your fee waiver request.

Important: Please make sure you record the transaction receipt number displayed on the next screen. If you need to contact ASIC in relation to this application you will need to provide the transaction receipt number.

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